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Truffle hummus

Do you know what happens when you put chickpeas, tahini and truffle together?

Our Truffle hummus 100% Natural is our bet for the pairing of hummus with one of the most appreciated ingredients in haute cuisine. A unique flavor in the market.

Shukran Foods’ gourmet alternative

The truffle, like hummus, is an ancient product. They even share origin, already in Babylon, Middle East, more than 1,500 years ago this ingredient was used as a high quality product. Spain is one of the main truffle producers, along with Italy and France, so all we do is to gather local products produced in our environment. 


Chickpeas (65%)

Tahini (sesame seed paste)


Lemon juice

Extra virgin olive oil (5%)

Salsa de trufa (3%)
Truffle sauce (3%) (cultivated mushrooms (77%), extra virgin olive oil, black olives, carrots, black summer truffle (5%), celery, parsley, salt and natural flavorings)

Truffle oil
(sunflower oil (99%) and natural flavorings)


Nutritional information100g

Energy value827 kj / 198 kcal


of which saturated1.8g


of which sugars<0.5g

Dietary fiber2.9g



Producto vegano


Sin lactosa

Lactose Free

Sin gluten

Gluten free

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