Shukran Foods

We were born from the desire to create special moments, merging traditional gastronomy with high technology.


On May 16, 2012, Shukran began its journey with the responsibility of giving shape and value to the gastronomic proposal of the Casa Árabe Center, a unique strategic space in which professionals and institutions from all sectors interact and dialogue to undertake joint projects. A place for meeting and innovation in which we were fortunate to participate through an activity common to all the cultures of the world, food.

A little more than five years served to create an intense minimal history in which Shukran's kitchen experimented and had fun making its guests enjoy the singular value of Arab gastronomy.


It was in this unique environment where, as a result of daily experience and surrounded by professionals from different fields, our "Hummus" was born. We neither intended nor imagined it. Bringing "Hummus Shukran" to the FMCG market was an unplanned consequence derived from the continuous suggestions of our customers, which coupled with our absolute inability to stand still, encouraged us to go one step further in this fun story. And so, one May 19, 2018 Patricia told Bill how about if they got to work bringing the Shukran experience to thousands of homes. 365 days later we made our first kilo of Shukran Hummus in the factory, today we are present in thousands of special moments and we are already the best-selling 100% Natural Hummus in Spain.
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Our values

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Our team

Shukran's most important ingredient

Patricia Gallego


Chema Fernández


Miguel Angel Vázquez


Marcos Carvajal

R&D and Quality

Miriam Alonso



Ángel Ignacio Álvarez


Shukran for
the Future

At Shukran, we are constantly innovating to improve the future of food. We create better products, for you and for the planet.

for Good

You can help create a better world from the food. Shukran for Good is our social campaign to bring value to our environment.