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Shukran for the Future

Shukran is an alternative that goes beyond 100% natural and plant-based. We are a REAL FOOD project with R&D focused on accelerating change in the food industry.

More than 100% plant-based

At Shukran Foods, to produce is the answer to the question: how can we be useful? We don't produce for the sake of producing, and that's why our products are based on creating concepts that shake up what's current.

We work to promote the consumption of vegetable protein, but being plant-based does not mean being perfect. That's why we research and create other aspects that improve current vegan proposals.

Shukran Foods joins other food trends that are laying the foundations for a better industry. The reduction of additives, the improvement of processes, the internalization of clean technologies or controlled proximity production. There are countless good things that Shukran Foods continues to join.

We are creating the food of the future

We are plant-based promoters

At Shukran Foods we have been committed to the Plant-based movement from the beginning. A bet that is based on two principles; the healthy value it brings to the individual and the impossibility of the planet to continue producing as it is doing so far.

We help optimize natural resources

The substitution of animal protein for the vegetable alternative drastically reduces the consumption of natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions. Through this small gesture, replacing the consumption of meat in a meal with a more Shukran product reduces the consumption of saturated fats and the environmental impact.

We are accelerating the transition

This movement is already a reality. Plant-based products are growing well above the rest. The plant-based industry will grow by 100%.

We use advanced technologies

Alongside this major revolution, industry adaptation is undergoing another major transformation, digitalization. Data management, virtual simulation or artificial intelligence are other ways to have a positive impact on better food. That is why at Shukran Foods we already incorporate AI in our production process. 

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