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In Shukran Foods we innovate in our process to offer responsible products, and where the protagonists are exclusively the ingredients. This is why, we give great importance to the selection and relationship with our farmers.



Our hummus is made with milky white chickpeas. This variety has a pleasant and mild flavor, with an absence of secondary flavors and a buttery and slightly grainy texture, perfect for hummus.

At Shukran we maintain a special relationship with local farmers to reduce the growing environmental footprint of food production by focusing on the supply chain of nearby ingredients for the development and improvement of chickpea varieties for our hummus.

Shukran's hummus trajectory contains years of history and knowledge of thousands of family farmers.

Planta de garbanzos
Montón de garbanzos

The selection of oil is key to give our products a specific and balanced flavor. For the elaboration of our products, we decided to use an extra virgin olive oil 100% from Spain.

In our case, we use a variety with a harmonized flavor: a slight bitterness and spiciness, and a pleasant and persistent taste on the palate with an acidity capable of extracting the maximum goodness from each of our ingredients.


Aceitera cristal



To elaborate our Cocoa Cream spread we have selected Grupo Posada, a Galician company founded in 1955, pioneer in the use of the chestnut. With Posada we have found a perfect ally to develop our Cocoa Cream, not only for its product, but also for its company philosophy.


Shukran relies on its exclusive selection of the best chestnut and on a careful elaboration made without preservatives or artificial colorings. A sign of identity that we greatly appreciate. Like Shukran, Posada extends its vocation for quality throughout the entire production chain, from the collection and selection of the raw material to its positioning.

Montón de castañas

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