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Hummus Shukran Realfooding

How about we make the hummus not taste like acidulants?

The Traditional Hummus Shukran Realfooding is made without preservatives or artificial colors. Our original recipe is 100% Natural. Why add something you wouldn't add at home while cooking.
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A product with the Realfooding seal aimed at making the world healthier and more sustainable, and just as tasty.

Getting closer to the REAL taste of hummus

Our philosophy is not to alter anything in the original recipe that is not necessary. If you do not add lactic acid or acidulants at home, neither do we. In Spain we have been used to acidifiers in recipes for many years. They are not harmful, but they are unnecessary. They make life easier for the industry, not for you.

Our Hummus is 98% chickpeas, EVOO, tahini and lemon juice. The remaining 2%? A touch of salt, garlic, cumin and paprika. Of everything else a 0%.

The content of 1 container of our Hummus is equivalent to the nutritional content of 1 of the 2 or 3 servings of legumes per week that the FAO recommends for a healthy diet.


Chickpeas (65%)


Tahini (sesame seed paste)

Extra virgin olive oil (7%)

Lemon juice


Garlic powder


Sweet paprika

Nutritional information100g
Energy value849 kj / 204 kcal


of which saturated2.2g


of which sugars1g

Dietary fiber4.9g
Producto vegano


Sin lactosa

Lactose Free

Sin gluten

Gluten free

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